Signing a Lottery Syndicate Form

Signing a Lottery Syndicate Form

When you are a lottery player and you want to increase your earnings, you might want to think about joining an online syndicate. You pay the same amount of money but get higher chances of winning. Besides, you take part in multiple lottery games and not only in one, so you can relax and just wait for the money to enter your account.

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Choosing an existing syndicate

After choosing the right lottery syndicate that matches your preferences, you need to sign in the community by filling in a lottery syndicate form. Here we have another good news, since you don’t even have to leave your home to get one : you can download the form from any syndicate’s website or forum, fill it in and then send it through email back to them, so that they can fully update your account.

The form that you will need to fill in before starting playing with the other members contains the syndicate agreement, having the following information : syndicate name, syndicate manager, deputy manager, start date and end date, if applicable. Also, it contains the list of players, their contribution per draw, share of winnings and their signature and date of submission. There might also be some specific arrangements that need to be taken into consideration, if the syndicate members agree upon certain terms. You can input the type of games that will be played, the draw days, the number of entries, when payments are collected, what happens if someone doesn’t contribute, what happens if someone leaves the syndicate. Individual syndicates might also attach additional files or choose if they want their syndicate to be public.

Creating your own syndicate

Syndicates can also be formed of friends and family, so you can create your own small community and play the lottery together. If you have gathered a group and you are thinking of working together in earning extra-money as a team, you need to make sure that you first appoint a leader or a manager to be in charge with the syndicate. 

He needs to create the agreement and make sure that it is respected, collect the funds from each participant, purchase tickets and keep them safe, check the tickets to see if the prize was won, collect and share the prize among members. You can also agree on having a second person in charge of checking the numbers, to make sure that you have two counters working. 

If you want to extend your syndicate, you can create your own lottery syndicate form to be given to the new members, where you have the date and the duration of the syndicate agreement, the name of each player, contact details, number of tickets to be purchased, number of draws on the agreement, date when funds are collected, frequency of membership payments and any additional agreements, such as one member leaving or refusing to share the prize.

Even if it’s about an existing syndicate or if you want to create a new one, the syndicate agreement mostly contains the same information. Once you have chosen the syndicate you want, fill it in and start increasing your chances!