News About EuroMillions Jackpot Winner, Adrian Bayford

Euro Millions is a European lottery that takes place on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Where national lotteries are generally limited to the resident of one particular country, the EuroMillions lottery pools the stakes to create huge jackpots. 

Millions of people play Euro Million lottery every week and it has created many winners in every draw. The largest jackpot to date is Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK who won 190 million Euros in August 2012. But this is not the largest sterling amount won as Chris and Colin Weir also from UK won 185 million Euros in July 2012 but received larger sterling amount due to favorable exchange rate. Adrian Bayford, 44, and Gillian, 43, are former husband and wife from UK who won the largest Euro millions jackpot. 

Adrian is a music shop owner and Gillian was healthcare assistant at the time when they won the jackpot. They are now separated and live at the opposite end of the country. Adrain and Gillian have two children daughter Aimee and son Cameron. After win Adrian got involved with Turnmill United, becoming a director of the football club which plays in the lowly East Herts Corinthian Sunday League. 

Adrian is said to have pumped in funds and thrown himself wholeheartedly into signing players for better future of the club. Adrian considers himself a lucky guy because he was the one who bought the ticket. After separation Gillian moved to Scotland. Adrian bought three Q7 SUVs worth about 60,000 pounds each and two Q5s worth about 40,000 pounds each. 

It was also confirmed that they bought 6 million pound mansion but after separation Adrian moved into a 500,000 pound house. They said we are both happy with our lives and we still talk to each other.